Government Identify Swindon As Having Largest Council-Tax Increase in England

Figures produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government have shown Swindon to have the largest percentage increase in council tax in England. See table 7 of the following Department for Communities and Local Government webpage for further evidence- Including Parish Precept charges, Swindon residents will be receiving an average percentage increase of 10.35%. […]


Shadow Central North Swindon Parish Council

Central North Swindon Shadow Parish is formed with Swindon Borough Councillors representing Rodbourne Cheney, Gorse Hill and Pinehurst, Penhill and Rodbourne. They are, Cllr Des Moffatt Chair, Cllr John Ballman V. Chair, Cllr Ray Ballman, Cllr Mark Dempsey, Cllr Steph Exel, Cllr Jim Grant, Cllr Carol Shelley, Cllr Jim Robbins and Cllr Kevin Small. Swindon […]


Moirai Breach Oasis Lease Terms Again

The Oasis developer, Moirai, has breached the terms of their development agreement for the Oasis with Swindon Council. In 2014 it was discovered that Moirai had breached the terms of the original development agreement and a revised agreement had to be agreed with Swindon Council.  Moirai had breached its development agreement with the Council by […]


Labour Group Call for Stop to Tory Grammar Schools Program

The Leader of the Swindon Labour Group has stated his opposition to the government’s plans to introduce new Grammar Schools across England. The Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant, said: “I’m sure many people will remember this style of education system, when children’s futures were determined by an exam at the age of […]


Labour Group Calls For Wider Road Traffic Enforcement Rollout

The Swindon Labour Group has called on Swindon Council to produce a wide rollout of road traffic enforcement as part of a renewed Road Safety Partnership. Labour Shadow Lead for Transport, Councillor Jim Robbins, said that he supports greater road traffic enforcement for Thamesdown Drive but it was crucial that other roads which have also […]


The Labour Group Respond To Bus Strategy Review

The Swindon Labour Group have responded to Swindon’s Conservative administration’s Bus Strategy Review. The consultation period for this strategy review closed on the 22nd August. Key elements of the strategy include: · The likely closure of all bus services that depend on Swindon Council funding support, · The availability of commercial bus services evening and […]

Fay Howard and Bob Wright Jazz Carlin

Councillors Call To Celebrate Jazz Carlin’s Success

Two Labour Councillors will be moving a motion at the next Swindon Full Council Meeting, calling on Council to celebrate the success of Jazz Carlin’s two silver medals at the Rio Olympics. Councillors Bob Wright and Fay Howard will be, in their Council Motion, suggesting ways Swindon could celebrate Jazz Carlin’s success, including painting a […]

Councillor Montaut Picture with Dial a Ride User

Labour Councillor Meets Dial a Ride Users to Discuss Campaign Against Cut

Labour Councillor Derique Montaut has met with 6 users of the Dial a Ride service to discuss the impact cuts to Dial a Ride would have on their lives. The meeting concluded with the Dial a Ride users committed to mounting a campaign against the Council’s proposed cut to the charity over August. Swindon Council […]