Cheney Manor recycling site by Councillors Jim Grant, Peter Watts and Des Moffatt

We warned before the summer that abolition of the free green waste collection would put pressure on Cheney Manor and this prediction appears to have been proved correct. Long queues persist and at times tail back along Darby Close causing annoyance to the public users and loss of trade to businesses.

We must report that a new scheme is at present being planned which will see a dedicated entrance and exit to the recycling centre. Adjoining land has been obtained and a new road, turning left before the gatehouse, will take public traffic to the recycling centre. Only Swindon Commercial Services vehicles will use the existing main gate entrance. The major reason for this is a safety issue to keep commercial vehicles separated from the public.

We have been asked why baled waste is being stockpiled on the embankment adjacent to the recycling centre. This has nothing to do with Swindon Council. It is in the Averies/Swindon Skips site. As reported in the Swindon Advertiser, this site is currently subject to an Environment Agency enforcement notice. Our main concern, as your Councillors, is that it is another fire hazard in the making. We will continue to monitor this situation.

Councillors Jim Grant, Peter Watts and Des Moffatt