Cllr Julian Price – Chair of East Swindon Locality

I am proud to have been elected by other local councilors as Chair of the East Swindon Locality, which includes the communities of Covingham, Nythe, Coleview, Liden, Eldene, Parks and Walcott. As part of the work done by this locality we allocate grants to community groups to help improve our communities. I am pleased to be able to report that last month the East Swindon Locality allocated grants for three different projects in my ward of Covingham & Dorcan. This includes providing a grant to the Meres Residents Association to help make improvements to the Liden Lagoon; providing a grant to help address the social isolation of elderly people living within Nythe and, working with Covingham Parish Council, a grant to help develop a Speed Watch in Covingham.

If you would like to get involved in the Speed Watch in Covingham please contact either Covingham Parish Council or you can contact me via the details provided below.

Cllr Julian Price
Covingham & Dorcan Councillor