Great news in our campaign to save Highworth Post Office

I am delighted that our campaign to save Highworth Post Office looks to have succeeded.

Our petition led by Pam Adams and myself, and supported by 600 residents, means that a Post Office will remain in the town centre.

As a result of our campaign the Post Office Ltd are now proposing that the Post Office will operate from Highworth Co-op. We support this proposal as it will be easy to access and will maintain a vibrant Highworth town centre.

We launched our campaign last year when it was proposed that the Post Office would move out of the Highworth town centre, to Swindon Road Petrol Station. We felt this was not the right location for a Post Office – on a busy road and dangerous to elderly customers. And we recommended that the Co-op site, would be a much better location.

We were also concerned that losing the Post Office could be damaging to Highworth town centre. This is a once in a generation decision. If the Post Office had moved out of the town centre it would be very difficult to ever get it back. That’s why it was very important to take action – particularly with the recent closure of the Natwest branch.

Overwhelmingly people said they wanted the Post Office to stay in Highworth town centre. Over 600 people signed our petition and 280 people responded directly to the consultation.

As a result the Post Office changed their minds and have now decided the move the branch to Highworth Co-op. This is fantastic news for residents and we can all celebrate this success.

I would like to thank the residents of Highworth for supporting our campaign. I am proud that we have ensured the Post Office will stay in the town centre. This is a great achievement for the future of Highworth and shows that we can make a difference when people work together.

Cllr Mark Dempsey
Swindon Labour Group Deputy Leader