We have always known that Swindon has some fantastic heritage and this has been recognised nationally with the awarding of a Heritage Zone for the Railway Village area. Labour Councillors have been happy to part of the process and now we look forward to ensuring resident input is considered.

We believe Swindon could become the best family visitor centre in the South West offering something different for all the family. To do this the words have to stop and things like a Road Train become a reality connecting public transport to the main activities and places of interest. These will include the new “SnOasis”at North Star, the Outlet Centre, the Heritage Zone and Steam offering something for all the family.

The lack of regeneration vision by the Conservative Administration over the last 15 years has prevented Swindon becoming what it could be. We also welcome the interest of Zurich to relocate to Kimmersfield which hopefully could lead to the regeneration we have been waiting for. It is better than the Conservative’s obsession with a new bus station which has simply led to renaming Fleming Way the “Bus Boulevard”. We don’t need further excuses for lack of vision we need a change of council administration so things can really improve.