In the Council

Hello, I am Jim Grant and I am the Leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Council

There are 25 Labour Councillors on Swindon Council representing nine different wards, as well as two Liberal Democrat Councillors and 30 Conservative Councillors. Since 2003, the Labour Group has been the largest opposition group on the Council, and our key task has been to hold the governing Conservative Group to account for the decisions they have taken that affect the town. We do this through our attendance at Cabinet meetings, Overview and Scrutiny meetings, other advisory bodies and at Full Council meetings.

In addition to holding the ruling Conservative Group to account over its decisions, the Labour Group is campaigning for new Labour Councillors in order to become the majority group on Swindon Borough Council in 2018. Our flagship Swindon-wide policies, should we become the majority group on Swindon Council, include:

  • Introducing a Living Wage for all Swindon Council employees and employees of council contractors, as well as ending the use of zero hours contracts by the Council and its contractors
  • Delivering more affordable homes in Swindon, building at least 300 affordable homes per year
  • Reintroducing a free green waste collection service
  • Campaigning to win Central Government funding to build the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road
  • Introducing a 'Neighbourhood Care' model with the Council, working more closely with local communities to help support vulnerable adults

News from in the Council

Swindon Labour Group Response to Grenfell Tower Fire Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones or have been made homeless as result of the fire in the Grenfell Tower block in Kensington on Wednesday. There are lots of questions which need to be answered in relation to this tragedy and its possible implications […]

Labour Councillor Meets Dial a Ride Users to Discuss Campaign Against Cut

Labour Councillor Derique Montaut has met with 6 users of the Dial a Ride service to discuss the impact cuts to Dial a Ride would have on their lives. The meeting concluded with the Dial a Ride users committed to mounting a campaign against the Council’s proposed cut to the charity over August. Swindon Council […]

Council to seek public’s views on library strategy

Council to seek public’s views on library strategy A series of drop-in consultation events will be taking place over the next two months to allow members of the public to have their say on Swindon Borough Council’s new library strategy. The Council’s cabinet approved the library strategy last week (13 July), which will see a […]

Conservative Group Plan New Parishes In Order To Hike Up Council-Tax

The Conservative Group of Councillors, who currently control Swindon Council, have confirmed their intention to impose new parishes on Swindon’s current non-parished areas. These new parishes will take on responsibility for services like grass cutting, street cleaning and pothole filling. They’re proposing this in spite of the vast majority of residents’ responses in the previous […]

Swindon Council to extend deadline for Lydiard tenders

Swindon Borough Council is extending the deadline for tenders to bid for the running of Lydiard by 2 months, with the deadline now on Friday 8th July. Some of the prospective organisations wishing to take over the running of Lydiard have expressed a wish for the council to have a structural survey done about Lydiard House […]

Labour Group Leader Sets Out Position on Council Parishes Plan

There have been a series of letters regarding the local Conservatives’ plans to parish the non-parished areas of Swindon and to devolve streetsmart services (grounds maintenance, street cleaning etc.) to existing parish councils. I wanted to set the record straight about what the Council’s plans will mean for Swindon residents and what the Labour position […]

Labour Group Slam Planning Judicial Review as “Waste of Money”

Swindon Borough Council has confirmed they will be taking the Berkeley Farm Planning Application to Judicial Review. Swindon Borough Council has said they will make the challenge in the High Court following legal advice from a planning QC.   The legal challenge to the planning inspector’s decision will be brought under section 288 of the Town and […]

Labour Call On New Council Communications Manager Post Be Withdrawn

Swindon Borough Council is recruiting a new senior communications manager, costing council-taxpayers £45K in salary costs, plus a further £10-15K in National Insurance and Pensions Contributions. Labour Councillor, Derique Montaut, has called in to question whether new spending on a Communications Manager at a time when vital Children’s Centres are closing and the Council is […]