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Hello, I am Jim Grant and I am the Leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Council

There are 25 Labour Councillors on Swindon Council representing nine different wards, as well as two Liberal Democrat Councillors and 30 Conservative Councillors. Since 2003, the Labour Group has been the largest opposition group on the Council, and our key task has been to hold the governing Conservative Group to account for the decisions they have taken that affect the town. We do this through our attendance at Cabinet meetings, Overview and Scrutiny meetings, other advisory bodies and at Full Council meetings.

In addition to holding the ruling Conservative Group to account over its decisions, the Labour Group is campaigning for new Labour Councillors in order to become the majority group on Swindon Borough Council in 2018. Our flagship Swindon-wide policies, should we become the majority group on Swindon Council, include:

  • Introducing a Living Wage for all Swindon Council employees and employees of council contractors, as well as ending the use of zero hours contracts by the Council and its contractors
  • Delivering more affordable homes in Swindon, building at least 300 affordable homes per year
  • Reintroducing a free green waste collection service
  • Campaigning to win Central Government funding to build the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road
  • Introducing a 'Neighbourhood Care' model with the Council, working more closely with local communities to help support vulnerable adults

News from in the Council


Labour Group Warns Of Severe Consequences Due To Swindon Housing Shortage

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, has warned of stark consequences due to the Swindon’s failure to build the necessary homes it had agreed to as part of its Local Plan. Over the last four years (2011-2015) an average of 688 homes per year have been built in Swindon which was nearly half […]


Swindon Council Tell Residents to Clean Gullies Themselves

Swindon Council announced at the West Swindon Locality Meeting on Monday 14th September that the Council now expects local residents to clean the gullies on their streets and that the Council will no longer be undertaking this activity themselves.   Mannington & Western Councillor, Steph Exell, was at the meeting and challenged council officers on this […]


Conservative Councillors Propose New Parish Councils to Make £120 Council-Tax Hike

Conservative-ran Swindon Borough Council are proposing to introduce parish councils in current non-parished areas, including West Swindon, Central Swindon, OId Town and parts of North Swindon. Plans have been presented to councillors to increase the Council-Tax by around £140 over 3 years through these new parish councils. In October there will be a report to […]


Liden Library Problems Set to be Resolved

Following a period of unplanned closures at Liden Library due to staffing shortages, Swindon Council have now said that new measures are in place to prevent future unplanned closures. Unplanned closures at the Liden Library have led to uncertainty for library users over its accessibility and sometimes have caused inconvenience to them. Liden, Eldene and […]


Labour Councillor Calls For Return Of Mela Festival Through Council Motion

Walcot and Park North Councillor, Abdul Amin, is moving a motion at the Swindon Council Meeting on Thursday 23rd July, calling for the Council to help ensure the Mela Festival is restored as an annual event in Swindon. The motion also calls for more festivals and events in the town that showcase Swindon’s diverse communities. […]


Swindon Council’s debt set to increase by £100m over 2 years

Swindon Council’s net debt is set to increase by £97m from 2015/16 to 2017/18, according to a Treasury Management Statement set to be presented to Full Council on the 23rd February. It will increase from £193.5m in 2015/16 to £290m in 2017/18. According to Table 1 of the Medium Term Financial Strategy presented to Cabinet […]

Waste burning at Averies Recycling, Swindon

Labour Group to move motion in support of fire fighters dispute

The Swindon Labour Group will be moving a motion at the January Swindon Full Council Meeting calling on the government to re-enter negotiations with the Fire Brigades Union and offer an improved settlement for fire fighter pensions. This follows news that fire fighters are going out on strike again because of the government’s pensions offer. […]