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Hello, I am Jim Grant and I am the Leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Council

There are 25 Labour Councillors on Swindon Council representing nine different wards, as well as two Liberal Democrat Councillors and 30 Conservative Councillors. Since 2003, the Labour Group has been the largest opposition group on the Council, and our key task has been to hold the governing Conservative Group to account for the decisions they have taken that affect the town. We do this through our attendance at Cabinet meetings, Overview and Scrutiny meetings, other advisory bodies and at Full Council meetings.

In addition to holding the ruling Conservative Group to account over its decisions, the Labour Group is campaigning for new Labour Councillors in order to become the majority group on Swindon Borough Council in 2018. Our flagship Swindon-wide policies, should we become the majority group on Swindon Council, include:

  • Introducing a Living Wage for all Swindon Council employees and employees of council contractors, as well as ending the use of zero hours contracts by the Council and its contractors
  • Delivering more affordable homes in Swindon, building at least 300 affordable homes per year
  • Reintroducing a free green waste collection service
  • Campaigning to win Central Government funding to build the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road
  • Introducing a 'Neighbourhood Care' model with the Council, working more closely with local communities to help support vulnerable adults

News from in the Council


Labour Group response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏

Response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏ from the Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant: “We’re pleased that Councillor Heenan has backtracked somewhat on this issue. The Thamesdown Drive Extension Road is crucial to dealing with traffic problems in the North and West of the town and to ditch this road or kick it […]


Council’s £2m bill – we were right to stop them dumping waste at the Park & Ride

Today’s news that the Averies Waste Crisis could end up costing Swindon taxpayers £2 million, is deeply concerning and raises serious questions about how the Council managed this whole affair. Today we have learned that the Council, as the landlord for the Lee Averies Swindon Skips site at Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, has allowed this […]


Cheney Manor recycling site by Councillors Jim Grant, Peter Watts and Des Moffatt

We warned before the summer that abolition of the free green waste collection would put pressure on Cheney Manor and this prediction appears to have been proved correct. Long queues persist and at times tail back along Darby Close causing annoyance to the public users and loss of trade to businesses. We must report that […]


Council to finally collect green waste fly-tipping

Swindon Council has announced that it has reversed the decision not to collect green waste bags that have been dumped and all unsightly bags of dumped green waste will now be removed by the end of November, according to senior council streetsmart officers. In June it was reported that the Council will be leaving fly-tipped […]


Cabinet to continue with Children’s Centre closures after consultation

Cabinet will be continuing with its decision to close children’s centres in Swindon after its recent consultation. The only change Cabinet has proposed is for an additional £190K of one-off money to be spent over two years on Family Support outreach work to be focussed on specific areas in the borough that have a high […]


Oasis Development given more time through ‘opaque’ decision

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, has criticised the decision of Swindon Council Leader, Councillor David Renard, for granting Moirai more time to start with the Oasis redevelopment. This decision was taken through a Cabinet Member Briefing Note, which consulted the Leaders of the Political Groups and the Councillors of Rodbourne Cheney Ward […]


Swindon Housing Tenure stats show move from home ownership to private renting

Statistics compiled as part of Swindon Council’s housing strategy, shows that housing occupancy in the town has dramatically changed over the last decade, with the number of private renters in Swindon doubling and the number of residents living in home ownership dramatically falling. Tenure Swindon 2001 Swindon 2011 England 2001 England 2011 Owned Outright or […]