In the Council

Hello, I am Jim Grant and I am the Leader of the Labour Group on Swindon Council

There are 25 Labour Councillors on Swindon Council representing nine different wards, as well as two Liberal Democrat Councillors and 30 Conservative Councillors. Since 2003, the Labour Group has been the largest opposition group on the Council, and our key task has been to hold the governing Conservative Group to account for the decisions they have taken that affect the town. We do this through our attendance at Cabinet meetings, Overview and Scrutiny meetings, other advisory bodies and at Full Council meetings.

In addition to holding the ruling Conservative Group to account over its decisions, the Labour Group is campaigning for new Labour Councillors in order to become the majority group on Swindon Borough Council in 2018. Our flagship Swindon-wide policies, should we become the majority group on Swindon Council, include:

  • Introducing a Living Wage for all Swindon Council employees and employees of council contractors, as well as ending the use of zero hours contracts by the Council and its contractors
  • Delivering more affordable homes in Swindon, building at least 300 affordable homes per year
  • Reintroducing a free green waste collection service
  • Campaigning to win Central Government funding to build the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road
  • Introducing a 'Neighbourhood Care' model with the Council, working more closely with local communities to help support vulnerable adults

News from in the Council


Labour Group calls for answers on mystery owner running Oasis

The Swindon Labour Group’s Shadow Lead for Leisure, Councillor Jim Robbins, has demanded answers from Moirai and Swindon Borough Council over the identity of the mysterious owner of the company that took over from Moirai in running the Oasis Leisure Centre. Mr Miroslaw Wojciechowski was sold Oasis Operation Ltd (who ran the Oasis Leisure Centre […]


Save Swindon’s Children’s Centres

Last night we proposed a motion to save Swindon Children’s Centres. The Tories are proposing to close seven Children’s Centres in Swindon. I am very concerned that this could be deeply damaging for the life chances and lives of children and families across our town. I have spoken to many parents across Swindon, and they […]

Waste burning at Averies Recycling, Swindon

Why I am glad to have secured an Inquiry into the Averies Waste Fire

The Averies Waste Fire burned for two months, choking the air with smoke and fumes, meaning local residents couldn’t open their windows, and local businesses had to close their doors. The fire may be over but the flames of anger in the community will burn on for a long time. They deserve answers and that’s […]


Tories and allies vote down Labour’s plan to protect services

As usual two members of the Lib Dem Group voted with the Conservatives to vote down a Labour amendment to reduce the effect of cuts at the full Council meeting on Thursday. This means that the number 21 bus service that goes through Penhill, Coleview & Covingham and the number 22 and 25 bus services […]


Housing self financing goes live

An example of Tory dogma that cost Swindon council tax payers a whopping £300,000 was their preferred position to rid the council of its housing stock. Tenants gave this proposal a resounding defeat in the housing ballot. Labour campaigned against this unnecessary ballot from the outset, arguing that the money could be spent on more […]