Swindon Labour Group calls for an investigation into Oasis deal

Swindon’s Labour Group has called for an investigation into the lease deal for the Oasis Leisure Centre, and a pause to the planned 99 year lease of the Council’s other Leisure facilities, as the full picture about the Oasis has started to unravel and the number of Swindon businesses out-of-pocket to the failed developers rises. […]


Council refusing to pick up green waste fly-tipping following collection charge

Swindon Council is refusing to collect most fly-tipped green waste and is instead attaching enforcement notes to the bags, leading to unsightly areas in the town. This decision follows the Council’s introduction of an optional £40 per year charge for green waste collection. Since the introduction of the new chargeable green waste collection service fly-tipping […]


Statement from Mark Dempsey on the Mayor resignation

People across Swindon have recoiled in horror when they have read or heard the deeply offensive comments made by Nick Martin. The CEO of Scope, the national disability charity said that these comments show a ‘deep-seated ignorance towards disabled people’. In my view these comments were deeply disrespectful and offensive towards people with learning disabilities. […]


Seizing the opportunity to grow a Green Economy, creating a ‘Solar Swindon’

Let’s seize the opportunity of Growing the Green Economy and creating a ‘Solar Swindon’. In my view Climate Change is the greatest challenge to face our generation. The recent UN report confirms that we urgently need to move towards renewable forms of energy. However this huge challenge presents Swindon with a great opportunity. That’s why […]


Green Waste Collection Charge

At the time of reading this column, residents will have just experienced the recent green waste collection changes by Swindon Council whereby households have to pay £40 to have their green waste collected. I disagreed with this policy and supported an amendment to the Council’s budget which found alternative back-office savings to the Council’s budget […]


Cllr Julian Price – Chair of East Swindon Locality

I am proud to have been elected by other local councilors as Chair of the East Swindon Locality, which includes the communities of Covingham, Nythe, Coleview, Liden, Eldene, Parks and Walcott. As part of the work done by this locality we allocate grants to community groups to help improve our communities. I am pleased to […]


Coleview Community Centre

The long-term future of Coleview Community Centre has been secured after the committee of volunteers and trustees that run it agreed to a new lease. As well as a members’ bar and a family room, the community centre runs many different group events for people of all ages. The Coleview Committee and Trustees have done […]


Disappointing news on government local transport funding

The Swindon Labour Group’s Transport Lead, Councillor Julian Price, has expressed disappointment that the government has decided to cut by one-third the funding they are devolving to Swindon and Wiltshire local authorities for major transport and roads schemes between 2015 and 2019. The Government had said that Swindon and Wiltshire would receive up to £16.9m […]