Northern Relief Road

Councillors Des Moffatt and Steve Wakefield attended the meeting of Haydon Wick Parish Council on 18th September and explained the attitude of Rodbourne Cheney Councillors to the Northern Relief Road. Des took along an AO plan of the preferred line to connect Thamesdown Drive and the Great Western Way.. He talked about: where will it […]


Redhouse Village Centre – a missed opportunity

Redhouse Village Centre is another example of how the Tory administration of the Council is allowing developers to do what they want. Instead of the promise of a cafe culture, pub and more shops we’re going to get 33 MORE houses. Mark Dempsey the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate says “It’s shocking that this opportunity to […]


Tory failure on strategic and local roads

Again, local Tory Councillors have let down the residents of the Northern Sector. They’ve just voted for a huge relief road infrastructure for the Eastern Development Area, but refused to do the same to relieve the impact of 1,695 more houses at Tadpole Farm on the roads in North Swindon. Labour Councillors have been campaigning […]


Tadpole Lane development

On Tuesday 12th June the Borough Council gave outline permission for this development to go ahead. Local Labour members argued that, in its current form, the proposals were premature and unsustainable and that and decision on the scheme should have been deferred until the local communities had been fully consulted. Our major concerns were and […]


Labour – on your side in St Andrews

Labour Candidates for St Andrews at the election in May 2012 were Amanda Harrison, John Sefton and Paul Wright. Amanda Harrison and Maura Clark are continuing as local Labour Party contacts for the Ward, and are keen to hear your views on how the area can be improved. Amanda Harrison lives on St Andrews Ridge, […]


Housing self financing goes live

An example of Tory dogma that cost Swindon council tax payers a whopping £300,000 was their preferred position to rid the council of its housing stock. Tenants gave this proposal a resounding defeat in the housing ballot. Labour campaigned against this unnecessary ballot from the outset, arguing that the money could be spent on more […]


Osborne’s ‘Plan A’ is still not working for young people as unemployment rises

Mass unemployment destroys the social morale of communities and forcing young people who have completed their training for work to remain idle is Tory politics of the vilest nature. It leads to disillusionment and rings true of Thatcher’s “laissez faire” leave it to the market approach. In Swindon young people need know that Tory policies […]


‘Labour Listens’ in Haydon Wick and Priory Vale

The Swindon Labour Party is starting a series of “Labour Listens” meetings around the town – particularly in places which are currently without Labour councillors. The purpose of these meetings will be to allow residents to share their views with the local Labour Party, so that we can attempt to resolve any concerns they might […]