Government New Homes Bonus Cuts to Leave Swindon Short by £3m

The chancellor’s joint Spending Review and Autumn Statement, says that the government will consult on reforms to the New Homes Bonus, “including means of sharpening the incentive to reward communities for additional homes and reducing the length of payments from six years to four years”. The document adds: “This will include a preferred option for […]


Labour Warn of Secondary Results Declining in Swindon

Local statistics presented to the Children’s Health, Social Care and Education Committee show Swindon’s GCSE results have significantly declined over the last three years.   In the last three years, Swindon’s average GCSE results have dropped from an average of 56% of Swindon students achieving 5 A*-C GCSE results (Including English & Maths) to 52% […]


Labour Group Leader to Respond to Chancellor’s Statement

In a response to the Chancellor’s Statement, the Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant, said:  “The Chancellor’s Statement shows a record of failures, cuts and u-turns. He is failing to meet his targets on the deficit and the debt which he justified for his austerity programme, with Government borrowing showing that they are […]


Lydiard Park Subsidy Under Scrutiny

Lydiard Subsidy Under Scrutiny, But Conservative Cabinet Member Says He Wishes To Transfer Lydiard Anyway  Questions have been raised over the amount Swindon Borough Council subsidises Lydiard Park and House, which has been used by the Conservative Cabinet to justify transferring Lydiard. Concerns have been raised that staff linked to Lydiard Park and House’s budget are actually being used […]


Labour Group Respond to Tory Streetlight Switch-Off Call

Conservative Cabinet Member, Councillor Dale Heenan has said the Council will consider dimming some streetlight during “quiet hours” on main roads without pavements.   A report Councillor Heenan authored that went to a Council Committee said he wanted to reduce the £1.2m annual streetlight bill. He also pointed out that there is no legal requirement for […]


Labour To Call for North Swindon Superfast Broadband Postponement

The Swindon Labour Group will be moving a motion at the next Full Council Meeting at Swindon Council calling on the Conservative Cabinet to remove North Swindon from its 4G LTE Broadband rollout. The motion calls on the Cabinet to remove North Swindon from the scheme in order to enable productive discussions between the Council, […]


Government Set to Cut Swindon’s Public Health Budget By £622K

The Conservative Government are currently consulting on an in year reduction in Public Health funding to Swindon Council of £622K. Options on how the Council would manage such an in-year reduction in funding are currently being considered. Local Public Health responsibilities were transferred to local councils from the NHS to deliver in 2013. Public Health […]


11,300 Swindon Families Facing Tax Credit Losses

Information obtained from the HMRC shows that there are 11,300 working families in Swindon in danger of facing tax credit cuts from the government. In North Swindon there are 5,800 families claiming tax credits and in South Swindon there are 5,500 families claiming tax credits. Figures also show that there are 19,700 children in working […]