Park & Ride update by Councillors Joe Tray, Teresa Page and Paul Baker

The clean-up has begun following the stay by the travellers who left an awful mess. Joe Tray has asked for a temporary concrete block put across the entrance to prevent further illegal use by travellers. The first thing many visitors see when coming to Swindon is a derelict Park & ride site that says closed, […]


Council to finally collect green waste fly-tipping

Swindon Council has announced that it has reversed the decision not to collect green waste bags that have been dumped and all unsightly bags of dumped green waste will now be removed by the end of November, according to senior council streetsmart officers. In June it was reported that the Council will be leaving fly-tipped […]


Cabinet to continue with Children’s Centre closures after consultation

Cabinet will be continuing with its decision to close children’s centres in Swindon after its recent consultation. The only change Cabinet has proposed is for an additional £190K of one-off money to be spent over two years on Family Support outreach work to be focussed on specific areas in the borough that have a high […]


Oasis Development given more time through ‘opaque’ decision

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, has criticised the decision of Swindon Council Leader, Councillor David Renard, for granting Moirai more time to start with the Oasis redevelopment. This decision was taken through a Cabinet Member Briefing Note, which consulted the Leaders of the Political Groups and the Councillors of Rodbourne Cheney Ward […]


Swindon Housing Tenure stats show move from home ownership to private renting

Statistics compiled as part of Swindon Council’s housing strategy, shows that housing occupancy in the town has dramatically changed over the last decade, with the number of private renters in Swindon doubling and the number of residents living in home ownership dramatically falling. Tenure Swindon 2001 Swindon 2011 England 2001 England 2011 Owned Outright or […]


Labour raises concerns over Shopmobility service following proposed move

Swindon Councillor, Derique Montaut, has raised concerns over future plans for the Shopmobility service to move from the Wyvern Multi-Story Car Park to the rear garden of Sanford House. Councillor Montaut had been told that the size and layout of the new building the Council are proposing to move Shopmobility in to is insufficient to […]


Labour Group calls for answers on mystery owner running Oasis

The Swindon Labour Group’s Shadow Lead for Leisure, Councillor Jim Robbins, has demanded answers from Moirai and Swindon Borough Council over the identity of the mysterious owner of the company that took over from Moirai in running the Oasis Leisure Centre. Mr Miroslaw Wojciechowski was sold Oasis Operation Ltd (who ran the Oasis Leisure Centre […]