Labour calls for Mouldon Hill School rethink

Jim Grant, the Labour Group Leader has called on the Conservative administration to rethink their pursuit of building a new school on the Mouldon Hill Country Park and focus on building a new primary school on another more viable site.

The Conservative administration agreed on Wednesday 12th December to “seek public opinion” about whether to build a primary school on the Mouldon Hill Country Park. Jim Grant said:

“I am calling on the Conservative administration to end their pursuit of building a 2-form of entry primary school at Mouldon Hill Country Park. I am opposed to building on this site for two reasons. Firstly I do not believe in developing on country parks and designated green open spaces. Secondly, this site is a flood plain and I have strong concerns about the effects this school will have around future flooding.

Also there are other sites where this school could be built, like a currently unoccupied site in Redhouse, like plot of land off of Westfield Way and even the old Groundwell Park and Ride site could be used if necessary.

Everybody now recognises that there is a desperate need for a school to be built in North Swindon and the Conservatives have failed young people in North Swindon by having not already built a primary school when it is desperately needed. However the Mouldon Hill site is not suitable and the administration should quickly find an alternative site for a new primary school and urgently set the wheels in motion to get this school built.”