Labour Councillor Calls For Return Of Mela Festival Through Council Motion

Walcot and Park North Councillor, Abdul Amin, is moving a motion at the Swindon Council Meeting on Thursday 23rd July, calling for the Council to help ensure the Mela Festival is restored as an annual event in Swindon.

The motion also calls for more festivals and events in the town that showcase Swindon’s diverse communities. The Mela Festival was cancelled last year and has again been called off this summer.
The motion reads:

This Council is disappointed that the Mela festival in Swindon has been cancelled for a second year in a row and believes this festival has been a fantastic event for showcasing the borough’s diverse range of cultures and for bringing Swindon residents together.

This Council resolves to encourage more festivals and events in the Borough that showcase Swindon’s diverse cultures and urges Cabinet to use resources within the Council to help ensure this happens.
This Council requests the Cabinet Member for Economy, Regeneration and Skills bring a report to the Cabinet outlining how the Council ensures the Mela Festival returns to Swindon and how we can make sure it continues as an annual event.

Walcot and Park North Councillor, Abdul Amin, said:
“I am moving this resolution in light of the fact we haven’t had a Mela festival for the past two years.
The Mela festival has been a highly successful cultural event on the Swindon calendar which draws all sections of the Swindon community together. It has gone from strength to strength for the past thirteen years and is the most popular cultural event in the town which brings all sections of the Swindon community together and attracting people from far and wide from other towns.

The Mela has enabled us to showcase what’s best about Swindon’s multicultural heritage. It also has bought about good community relations by the diverse communities that live in Swindon and not only is the mela a social event but it’s also had a great economic impact on the locals by bringing in thousands of pounds to surrounding businesses.

It’s not down to the council to determine whether the festival is held or not and I accept that the Mela Committee are the ones responsible for holding the event. However, the case I will be making is that we need to take a more proactive approach by giving every conceivable support we can to make this festival happen.”