Labour Group Call for Clarity over Superfast Broadband Rollout

Following the news that UK Broadband have withdrawn applications for radio masts across North Swindon to deliver Superfast Broadband, the Swindon Labour Group are calling on the Conservative Cabinet to make clear what their plans are with superfast broadband in North Swindon.

At the time that Superfast Broadband with UK Broadband was agreed by the Conservative Cabinet on the Council, the Labour Group had called on the Conservative Group to reconsider their plans at a Full Council Meeting on the grounds that North Swindon should have fibre optic broadband, not 4G Broadband.

Swindon Council have said this week: “Further consideration will now be given to the siting of masts, which will provide superfast broadband to properties in north Swindon that have no access. The council remains committed to increasing access.

The Labour Shadow Lead for Economic Development, Councillor Des Moffatt, said: 

“We are calling on the Conservative administration to provide more clarity on what their plans for superfast broadband are. Is 4G Broadband in North Swindon no longer part of the Superfast Broadband programme?

Prior to this week the administration have continuously said that they were going to ignore the concerns of local residents and roll out radio masts to deliver 4G Broadband across North Swindon. This week we’ve had the Cabinet Member for Housing say that the planning applications for radio masts across North Swindon has been withdrawn, effectively stopping the 4G rollout in North Swindon. The North Swindon MP has said he is trying to get a fibre optic broadband provider in to North Swindon and all the Council have said is that further consideration will be given on the siting of the masts.

There has been no definitive announcement from the Council that 4G Broadband through radio masts is now no longer being delivered in North Swindon. We’ve just had positive words.

Currently there is complete confusion over what the Council’s plans are with regards to superfast broadband and that is why we need this clarity.”