Labour Group Respond to Tory Streetlight Switch-Off Call

Conservative Cabinet Member, Councillor Dale Heenan has said the Council will consider dimming some streetlight during “quiet hours” on main roads without pavements.


A report Councillor Heenan authored that went to a Council Committee said he wanted to reduce the £1.2m annual streetlight bill. He also pointed out that there is no legal requirement for local authorities to provide streetlights.


Councillor Heenan has also said that the Conservative Cabinet would consider some rolling out of LED bulbs on streetlights.


The Swindon Labour Group Leader has said rolling out LED bulbs for streetlights can produce a huge energy saving for the Council and should be considered over the dimming of streetlights.

The Swindon Labour Group Leader, Councillor Jim Grant, said: 

“Labour’s position is that we are fully supportive of finding ways to save money on streetlight costs and we can do this by having an ambitious programme of rolling out LED light-saving bulbs for Swindon’s streetlights. LED streetlights are proven to be more energy efficient compared to standard streetlights and are proven to better light up areas compared to standard bulbs.

Two years ago Labour called for LED lamps to be inserted on our streetlights and this was rejected by the Conservative Group. We are pleased they are coming round to the idea.

Three years ago Labour-controlled Plymouth City Council rolled out the replacement of standard streetlight bulbs with LED lightbulbs to all of its streetlights. They bulk-bought the LED bulbs with other local authorities in order to further reduce the cost of the bulbs and this rollout has saved in their budget an average of hundreds of pounds per year

If the Tories could have the same ambition as Labour-controlled Plymouth City Council then it will make it unnecessary for any dimming of streetlights as Dale Heenan has suggested.”