Labour Group response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏

Response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏ from the Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant:

“We’re pleased that Councillor Heenan has backtracked somewhat on this issue. The Thamesdown Drive Extension Road is crucial to dealing with traffic problems in the North and West of the town and to ditch this road or kick it in to the long grass as Councillor Heenan had suggested, is not acceptable to Labour.

We really don’t see this issue as either dualling existing roads or the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road, we have to be working towards both of these in order to increase capacity on our roads. The government have demonstrated with the £540m project to tunnel under Stonehenge that money is available for road schemes, and we’re only seeking £50m for the Thamesdown Drive Extension Road.

The next step is to pay for the shovel-ready plan of the Thamesdown Drive extension and the Council has the money to do this through the remaining S106 money from the Northern Sector development. Once this work has been done, we will be able to show government that Swindon is serious about the extension road and national politicians of all parties have said there is a compelling case for the road, so I believe we have a good chance in attracting the money.”