Labour’s 5 Point Plan to Get Swindon Moving

The current road chaos in Swindon is deeply concerning. A lack of planning by Swindon’s Tory Council coupled with a failure to create a modern transport system means that traffic is now at gridlock. In short, under the Tories ‘Swindon is closed’.

The chaos is causing massive frustration for motorists and doing damage to our town centre as many people are being put off driving into Swindon.

That’s why we are launching our 5 point action plan to get Swindon moving.

It is obvious that there has been a lack of planning of these roadworks. Better planning would have reduced the disruption and kept traffic moving.

However the Tories have also failed to build a modern transport system. Many of our key routes are becoming gridlocked as a transport system built for a town of 80,000 people struggles to cope with a population of 220,000. That’s why we need a plan for a 21st century transport system for the town, with shovel ready plans for our key projects.

Along with my Labour friends, I have campaigned for a Northern Link Road to create a proper route into the town centre from Thamesdown Drive. I have also campaigned for improvements to Moonrakers to reduce congestion on Cricklade Road.

I am deeply disappointed that the Tories and North Swindon’s MP have completely failed to deliver the Northern Link Road and have kicked improvements to Moonrakers into the long grass. The current chaos shows that the Tories have failed to plan for the future and we are now suffering the consequences.

That’s why our 5 point plan is essential to get Swindon moving.

Our 5 point plan to get Swindon moving:

  1. Swindon Council should co-ordinate and plan roadworks with other agencies to ensure key corridors to move around the town remain open.
  2. Swindon Council should plan in advance to open bus gates and bus lanes in areas affected by roadworks to ease congestion.
  3. The Council should support a Northern Link Road to connect Thamesdown Drive directly to the town centre, and prepare Swindon for increased traffic from the north.
  4. The Council should create a ‘shovel ready plan’ for key transport projects including a rapid transit system to provide a direct route into the town centre.
  5. The Council should create amore cyclist friendly town with safe cycling and walking routes into and around the town centre.