Park & Ride update by Councillors Joe Tray, Teresa Page and Paul Baker

The clean-up has begun following the stay by the travellers who left an awful mess. Joe Tray has asked for a temporary concrete block put across the entrance to prevent further illegal use by travellers. The first thing many visitors see when coming to Swindon is a derelict Park & ride site that says closed, not a good reflection on our town we feel.

We still feel the town would be better served by it being returned to a Park & Ride site, reducing the volume of traffic on our inadequate roads, but we are told it is not financially viable and is in the wrong place? Yet all the towns around the South West seem to provide a Park & ride for people visiting their town centres.

The Council have just signed a lease for the Park & Ride site to Abbey Stadium to use for car parking whilst their new stadium is under construction. We are informed that the community can use the site when not required for parking.

Green bag Fly tipping

We have had several phone calls and enquiries over fly tipped green waste and in particular fly-tipped green waste at the lay-by opposite Kingsdown School and outside St Catherine’s, Ermin Street. The Council state that if it is collected then that is playing into the hands of the fly tippers. This we struggle with as the tipping is always done outside some other innocent person’s property, who have to put up with the tipped rubbish and not the person who left it there.

Penhill & Upper Stratton Councillors Joe Tray, Teresa Page and Paul Baker