Save Swindon’s Children’s Centres

Last night we proposed a motion to save Swindon Children’s Centres.

The Tories are proposing to close seven Children’s Centres in Swindon. I am very concerned that this could be deeply damaging for the life chances and lives of children and families across our town.

I have spoken to many parents across Swindon, and they are enormously proud of their Children’s Centres and concerned about the impact on them and their children if the Tories close seven centres in Swindon.

Parents have told me how important these centres are to helping families give their children the very best start in life, how much they depend on their support and the network they provide; and how the one to one support helps support vulnerable parents and children when they need it most.

Every parent I have spoken is angry that the Tories are planning to close their Centres and are worried about the impact this will have on their children’s futures.

That’s why last night we tabled a motion to save Swindon’s Children’s Centres. However the Tories amendment to our motion made no such promise. And worse still they were unable to say whether the remaining Children’s Centres would remain open after the General Election in 6 months time.

That’s why we voted to save Swindon’s Children’s Centres. Because, like the parents we have spoken to, we believe keeping Children’s Centres open is vital to giving our children the best start in life.