Shadow Central North Swindon Parish Council

Central North Swindon Shadow Parish is formed with Swindon Borough Councillors representing Rodbourne Cheney, Gorse Hill and Pinehurst, Penhill and Rodbourne.

They are, Cllr Des Moffatt Chair, Cllr John Ballman V. Chair, Cllr Ray Ballman, Cllr Mark Dempsey, Cllr Steph Exel, Cllr Jim Grant, Cllr Carol Shelley, Cllr Jim Robbins and Cllr Kevin Small.

Swindon Borough Council appointed a transitions Clerk to manage the emerging Parish Council without reference to the above Councillors. The SBC Borough Solicitor acting as a “proper officer” convened the first formal meeting.

Decision taken there were the creation of three working parties to consider assets, services and what budget might be needed to provide that.

It was further decided that Shadow Parish Councillors would receive no pay or expenses.

All proper Parish meetings would be held in Pinetrees and in public with a public question time at the start, save when a specific item required private determination for commercial reason as determined by a member decision.

The Chair and the Vice Chair take the view that it is the Shadow Parish duty to lay the foundations for a sustainable Parish Council without making any long term decisions that commits the emerging elected Parish. However this policy is severely limited by the decision of Swindon Borough Councils administration who has the power to transfer assets and responsibilities in making the ‘Order’ to create the Parish towards the end of January 2017.

It is our view that the time available to do all this is inadequate. We have nonetheless concluded it is our duty to do the best we can rather than allow SBC place men and women without knowledge of our respective communities to rubber stamp the Civic Office decisions.

If you want to talk about Shadow North Central Parish contact Des Moffatt 01793 336276 or John Ballman 01793 694584