Swindon’s housing – fair and effective housing policies

Cllr John Ballman, who retained Gorse Hill & Pinehurst for Labour in May 2011, believes that FAIR AND EFFECTIVE HOUSING POLICIES are the key to sustaining Swindon’s communities.

Housing is one of the Swindon Labour Party’s key priorities, as we know that this is one of the greatest concerns Swindon residents have.

A good local council and Central Government should be trying to ensure three things on housing. Firstly they should be trying to tackle the growing waiting list for social housing; secondly they should be ensuring that those communities with significant amounts of social housing are stable and cohesive, and, thirdly, they should be looking to make housing more affordable for first-time buyers.

The Tory-led government and Tory-led Swindon Council have failed in providing solutions to any of these challenges.

They have failed to provide sensible solutions to tackle Swindon’s growing housing waiting list by cutting the social housing budget by 50%. They have increased anxieties for vulnerable social housing tenants through their housing benefits cuts and the introduction of fixed-term tenancies. And the Tory-led government and Tory-led Council have failed to do anything about the affordability of housing for first-time buyers.

The Swindon Labour Party believes more needs to be done to address Swindon’s housing crisis.

A Labour-led Swindon Borough Council would:

Oppose the government’s housing strategy; which will weaken communities by deregulating the use of HiMOs and introducing fixed-term tenancies; and hit families living in social housing by hiking up social housing rents to 80% of the market level

  • Address Swindon’s housing crisis by retaining and increasing the housing stock, with at least 100 new Council houses being built per year, twice as many Council houses being built than currently
  • Address Swindon’s housing crisis by introducing a 50% target for affordable housing on new housing developments