Tory failure on strategic and local roads

Again, local Tory Councillors have let down the residents of the Northern Sector. They’ve just voted for a huge relief road infrastructure for the Eastern Development Area, but refused to do the same to relieve the impact of 1,695 more houses at Tadpole Farm on the roads in North Swindon.

Labour Councillors have been campaigning to have the link between Thamesdown Drive and the Great Western Way (called the Northern Relief Road) retained in the ‘Core Strategy’. This was removed by the Conservative Administration in 2011.

Locally, people are complaining about the “terrible trio” of roads in North Swindon – Oakhurst Way, Redhouse Way and Torun Way. Traffic on these is getting worse and no serious improvements are in sight. The Torun way bus gate is causing significant congestion elsewhere. It must be possible to work with the Parish Councils and local residents groups to come up with alternative parking, or dropped curbs, to allow safe access for emergency vehicles and buses.

Labour in Priory Vale and St Andrews believes that a proper link to the A419 will be needed asap to relieve congestion on Oakhurst Way.