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Councillors Jim Robbins, Kevin Small and Steve Wakefield – Mannington & Western

Labour Councillors in Mannington & Western are busy campaigning and consulting on a wide range of issues, including: dropped kerbs, green waste, Even Swindon primary school, grounds maintance and derelict buildings in Deburgh Street. Read on for details and please get in touch. Thank you for your support. In May residents of Mannington & Western […]


Housing self financing goes live

An example of Tory dogma that cost Swindon council tax payers a whopping £300,000 was their preferred position to rid the council of its housing stock. Tenants gave this proposal a resounding defeat in the housing ballot. Labour campaigned against this unnecessary ballot from the outset, arguing that the money could be spent on more […]


Osborne’s ‘Plan A’ is still not working for young people as unemployment rises

Mass unemployment destroys the social morale of communities and forcing young people who have completed their training for work to remain idle is Tory politics of the vilest nature. It leads to disillusionment and rings true of Thatcher’s “laissez faire” leave it to the market approach. In Swindon young people need know that Tory policies […]

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