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Shadow Central North Swindon Parish Council

Central North Swindon Shadow Parish is formed with Swindon Borough Councillors representing Rodbourne Cheney, Gorse Hill and Pinehurst, Penhill and Rodbourne. They are, Cllr Des Moffatt Chair, Cllr John Ballman V. Chair, Cllr Ray Ballman, Cllr Mark Dempsey, Cllr Steph Exel, Cllr Jim Grant, Cllr Carol Shelley, Cllr Jim Robbins and Cllr Kevin Small. Swindon […]


Stratton Overwhelmingly Vote No to Tory Parishing Plans

The Conservative administration on Swindon Council’s plans to devolve the delivery of council services to parish councils has been overwhelmingly rejected residents living in the Stratton Parish. 87% of Stratton residents who voted in the referendum voted no to these services being devolved to the Parish. There was a 7.87% turnout with 1189 votes cast […]


Park & Ride update by Councillors Joe Tray, Teresa Page and Paul Baker

The clean-up has begun following the stay by the travellers who left an awful mess. Joe Tray has asked for a temporary concrete block put across the entrance to prevent further illegal use by travellers. The first thing many visitors see when coming to Swindon is a derelict Park & ride site that says closed, […]

Waste burning at Averies Recycling, Swindon

Why I am glad to have secured an Inquiry into the Averies Waste Fire

The Averies Waste Fire burned for two months, choking the air with smoke and fumes, meaning local residents couldn’t open their windows, and local businesses had to close their doors. The fire may be over but the flames of anger in the community will burn on for a long time. They deserve answers and that’s […]

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