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Labour Group response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏

Response to Thamesdown Drive Extension Road‏ from the Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Jim Grant: “We’re pleased that Councillor Heenan has backtracked somewhat on this issue. The Thamesdown Drive Extension Road is crucial to dealing with traffic problems in the North and West of the town and to ditch this road or kick it […]


Labour’s 5 Point Plan to Get Swindon Moving

The current road chaos in Swindon is deeply concerning. A lack of planning by Swindon’s Tory Council coupled with a failure to create a modern transport system means that traffic is now at gridlock. In short, under the Tories ‘Swindon is closed’. The chaos is causing massive frustration for motorists and doing damage to our […]


Conservative Cabinet backs Labour’s calls for Tadpole Farm to be new school site

At Wednesday’s Swindon Cabinet Meeting, the Conservative Cabinet agreed to Tadpole Farm becoming the preferred site for the new North Swindon Primary School. This comes following the Swindon Labour Group’s calls last week in the Swindon Advertiser to use this site for the new North Swindon Primary School. The published Cabinet reports also make clear […]


Labour calls for Mouldon Hill School rethink

Jim Grant, the Labour Group Leader has called on the Conservative administration to rethink their pursuit of building a new school on the Mouldon Hill Country Park and focus on building a new primary school on another more viable site. The Conservative administration agreed on Wednesday 12th December to “seek public opinion” about whether to […]

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